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You are what you eat – right?

How many prevalent chronic diseases could possibly be averted or controlled by modifying diet only, and getting some exercise?  This seems rudimentary, yet the US healthcare system thrives on promoting prescription vehicles to solve chronic conditions with minimal attention to diet change.   Obesity alone in the US accounts for almost 40% of the US population with associated costs exceeding $140B per year (Ref:!  This statistic is quite disheartening and warrants more serious examination.  Of course the healthcare community can’t resolve all chronic conditions by applying food sources exclusively, however promoting good diet habits can certainly reduce Obesity – especially more costly conditions that stem from Obesity such as heart disease and diabetes.  After all, most healing sources originated from trees, plants and fruits combined or isolated into ‘medicinal’ potions.   The Mayans, American Indians, your grandma and distant relative from a small Pacific Island or Mediterranean village have never recommended that you use a chemically infused pill to heal yourself! Your Grandma is going to recommend a mix of honey and dried figs and green tea and perhaps shavings from tree bark that grows on the northern plains of Ireland – all mixed and boiled in a cup of ginger and lemon ‘broth’…. right?  Well you get the point.   More to come!

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