About Us

Our inspiration started within our own family experiencing recurring uncomfortable physical hardships. After many clinical visits and reviews, we determined that those symptoms were tied to nutritional deficits. We eventually managed the symptoms successfully through better diet choices and a better understanding of nutrition and how the body processes different foods.

Food has the power to heal ailments so you don’t always have to resort to medications.



Our name is derived from Ceres, the Greco-Roman ‘Goddess of Harvest and Agriculture’’ who provided society with plentiful crops for healthy sustainability. Somewhere along the way, modern society found ways to stimulate and genetically radicalize food sources, leading to many unhealthy choices and prevalent societal diseases that are draining healthcare resources worldwide. Such afflictions can be prevented or better managed through proper nutrition choices.
Choose your food wisely and watch your health and body transform.


Brought To You By World-Class Dietitians and Doctors

Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN, LD

Dr. Washington Bryan, MD

Nell Stephenson, BS

Dr. Zacharia Reda, MD

Dr. Daniel J. Muppidi, MD